Teaching & Supervision

At the UCL Institute of the Americas I currently teach two courses on the Politics of Human Rights in Latin America: Transitional Justice, and the Challenges to Democratization, respectively.

During autumn term 2013/14 I will also continue to teach the International Human Rights Standards and Institutions course at UCL Department of Political Science.

My approach to teaching is to make accessible to students intriguing research questions and puzzles, which are at the same time theoretically interesting and empirically driven. I use lectures and/or seminar presentations to provide an accessible roadmap to a particular issue-area, its associated literature, and the key questions that the topic is concerned with. I complement lectures with class discussions that are geared towards seeking answers, that identify the different arguments in response to the questions identified, and, most crucially, that seek to stimulate open debate which invites different perspectives to be critically examined.

Areas of PhD Supervision

I am happy to supervise students in any area of my research expertise. Any prospective research student is welcome to email me (p.engstrom@ucl.ac.uk) with a short research proposal and a CV.