Regional Human Rights Systems: Policy Briefing

The IAHRN has published a new policy briefing document entitled “Comparative Perspectives on Regional Human Rights Systems“, which summarises the principal conclusions of the network’s third workshop, held at University of Ghent’s Human Rights Centre in January 2016.

This conference represented an innovative attempt at comparative analysis by scholars and practitioners of the challenges facing human rights systems across the globe.

During the two-day workshop, participants critically examined and compared a full range of international human rights bodies to assess the extent to which policies and procedures have helped to advance the realisation of human rights, and how best practices may be adapted across different systems.

The debate focused principally on the operation of regional human rights systems in the Americas, Africa and Europe, but due consideration was also given to the mechanisms available before the United Nations.

A summary of the workshop’s main findings, together with a series of recommendations for future comparative research on international human rights bodies, are outlined in this briefing paper. More detailed notes on the various presentations and workshop discussions are also available here.

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