IAHRN Policy Brief – The Inter-American Human Rights System: The Law and Politics of Institutional Change

The policy brief from the IAHRN workshop at UCL Institute of the Americas in October 2015 is now available. The executive summary below and links to the English and Spanish versions.

This briefing is based on the principal conclusions of the second workshop of the Inter-American Human Rights Network, held at UCL’s Institute of the Americas in October 2015[1]. The workshop discussions examined the consistent challenges to its institutional development that the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) has faced since its inception. At the same time, participants highlighted how the IAHRS has expanded as civil society organisations (CSOs) have strengthened, as the jurisprudence has accumulated and as the System has built up its legitimacy over time. Though the most recent reform process has now concluded, the IAHRS continues to face a number of challenges, and it will need to seek to institutionally adapt and innovate if it is to maintain its impact into the future.

[1] A more detailed summary of the workshop is available via the IAHRN website. Please note, the analysis contained in this briefing does not necessarily reflect the views of all workshop participants.”

Version in English here, and in Spanish here.

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