Call for Papers: Institutional Change and the Inter-American Human Rights System

The IAHRN is inviting submissions for papers to be presented at a two-day workshop entitled “The Inter-American Human Rights System: The Law and Politics of Institutional Change“. The workshop is due to be held at University College London’s Institute of the Americas on 9th and 10th October 2015.

Papers and presentations will examine the political factors that have shaped the institutional development of the Inter-American Human Rights System, the normative and legal transformation the IAHRS has experienced, and the effect of these changes on the impact, broadly defined, of the inter-American system.

The network is calling for submissions related to any of the three key themes to be discussed during the event:

1) The politics of institutional change;

2) Patterns of normative and legal change;

3) The impact of these institutional and/or normative and legal changes.

The deadline for the submission of titles and abstracts is Monday 1st June 2015. For more information on topic areas and submission guidelines please see the attached Call for Papers.

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